Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Advice for Women from Women - Mid April 2009

Welcome to the April 15, 2009 edition of advice for women from women.


Shawn M. Driscoll presents Making Peace With Time posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Ideas For Day Care Activities And Games posted at Child Care Only.


Dana presents Are women held back by “sucking sound” of their infants? posted at Principled Discovery, saying, "[This isn't advice, just opinion. If it doesn't fit, please disregard and sorry!]"

Erika presents Dominican Republic Travel Guide posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "Although you may not have heard much about it, the Dominican Republic is a lively place to go on your vacation"

Julie presents Parenting Tips for a Better and Stronger Marriage posted at More4kids, saying, "Will those parenting skills that work on your kids work on your husband?"

Cyndi presents Another Simple Way to Release Stress Now posted at Evolution Ezine?Evolution Ezine - Collect your free mind power and self growth gifts, saying, "Feeling down and need a fast way to turn it around? This article gives you a step by step FREE method to improve your mood and decrease negative side affects instantly. It takes very little time and the rewards are endless."

Kakie presents Nature Deficit Disorder: Leave No Child Inside posted at Bur Bur & Friends: Community Park, saying, "Lack of outdoor play can have serious ramifications for the future health of our children."

Raising Whiskers presents Big Cat Games - Cat Games - Mouse Play - Cat Play posted at Cat Care Tips, saying, "If you want to improve the mental and physical prowess of your cat, you should try playing some big cat games with her."

Margaret Garcia presents 100 Fun, Healthy and (Mostly) Free Family Activities posted at Ultrasound Technician Schools.

Margaret Garcia presents 100 Green Mom Resources and Blogs posted at Comments on: Top 100 Diet and Fitness Blogs.

Emma presents Teaching a toddler to sleep alone: an unexpected turn posted at Baby-Log.


thebarefootbadger presents Finding Time for Exercise and Play posted at The Barefoot Badger, saying, "When life gets busy, exercise can be the first thing we cut out of our schedule. But that's a really bad idea, and here's why."


Farid presents Strivectin- The Anti Wrinkle Technology posted at Strivectin- The Anti Wrinkle Technology, saying, "Strivectin, which is an anti wrinkle cream, is a technological breakthrough from the Klein-Becker research laboratories."

Ashley Cook presents The Relation Between Anxiety & Depression & How To Overcome It posted at Anxiety Go Away, saying, "Anxiety and depression can feed off of each other."

Carole Fogarty presents Boost Your Energy Now: posted at THE HEALTHY LIVING LOUNGE, saying, "Low energy, exhaustion and fatigue are at epidemic levels. Now is not the time to suck it in, grit your teeth, clench your fists and press on. Get wise and stop or dramatically reduce all unecessary energy drains. It’s time to get clever and start rebuilding your personal energy levels now."

Kylie presents Patient Gagging & Your Plastic Surgeon? posted at Kylie, saying, "Patient Gagging! Why some plastic surgeons and dermatologists don't want you looking for information about their laser clinic or medical spa online."

Asheesh presents Pregnancy Spotting - It Can Be A Warning Sign posted at Pregnancy Advisor, saying, "Pregnancy spotting can be a form of implantation bleeding as well as a sign of danger."

Maggie Mayer presents Blah Blah Blog... posted at Wedding Thrift., saying, "How to stay sane while planning your wedding, or any big event in your life!"

Farid presents AcneInformation101? Acne Facts and Acne Treatments posted at Acne Facts, saying, "Let's start by understanding some key acne facts... Acne is a skin condition marked by inflammatory outbreaks, consisting of lesions and cysts that result from the blockage of hair follicles and pores, which in turn can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, your body's hormonal balance and changes in hormone levels, skin irritation, stress, hyperactive sebaceous glands, the accumulation of dead skin cell's on the surface of skin, bacteria in skin pores, use of certain medications, and even exposure to certain chemicals. Many people associate diet and acne, because diet can also play a role as a cause"

Farid presents Anti-Aging Skin Care posted at Collagen and Its Effects on Wrinkles, saying, "Collagen is a long, fibrous structural protein that makes up the extracellular matrix that supports most tissues and gives cells their external structure. It's also found inside certain cells, also helping to support and bolster structure. Collagen is a strong material and makes up parts like ligaments, tendons, and is even a part of our bones and teeth."

Angela presents What Products Are Best For Adult Acne? posted at The Acne Scar & Skincare Source, saying, "A quick review on what products help with the many signs of aging in women, acne and wrinkles."

Randy Powell presents Natural Health Through Living Foods posted at High Alkaline Diet blog.

Maureen Oliver presents Weight Loss Thru Hypnosis - Is it Possible? posted at Weight Loss Hypnosis Hub, saying, "Weight loss thru hypnosis has shown itself to be very successful in helping people lose weight. Not only that, unlike most other weight loss methods, it actually results in keeping the weight off long term."

Money & Finances

Billeater presents 5 Money Saving Secrets Grocery Stores Don't Want You to Know posted at Billeater.

Destroy Debt presents Good Til The Last Drop: Use it Before You Throw it In the Trash posted at Destroy Debt.

Abigail Perry presents What's in your bills? posted at i pick up pennies, saying, "I thought I had nixed all extraneous fees. But during a routine bill check, I found a way to save almost $100 a year. When was the last time you scoured your expenses?"

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Make A Budget In 10 Easy Steps posted at The Digerati Life.

The Smarter Wallet presents Budget Your Money and Control Your Spending Using This Simple System posted at The Smarter Wallet.

My Cool Mommy presents 10 Cool Sites To Help You Save Money posted at MyCoolMommy.


Era Sundar presents Marching Orders posted at Todays Thought.

Debbie Dragon presents US Moms Guiltier Than Moms in France posted at Empowering Mom.

Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice) presents 10 Ways to Entertain a Sick Child posted at Homemaker Barbi, saying, "10 Ways to Entertain a Sick Child: Guest poster Tracey shares her time-tested methods."


Carole Gold presents Christ Consciousness posted at Carole Gold, saying, "E-mail, Passover and Good Friday...and the link that ties them all together."

Rani presents Prayer of the Week- Life of Righteousness posted at Christ's Bridge.


Victoria presents Pamper Yourself with (Home) Spa Treatments posted at Stiletto Beauty Online.

Nancy Miller presents Going Against the Act of Aging posted at Physical Therapy Assistant Schools.

Juliet Chase presents Learning to take healthy risks posted at 7 Green Stairs.

Jenny Jen presents Designer Snuggie posted at, saying, "I love my Snuggie, I wore it every day during the winter and spilled all kinds of food on the poor blanket with sleeves, but just when my old Snuggie started looking stained and faded, another Snuggie came out!"

Farid presents Benefits of Mineral Makeup: posted at Benefits of Mineral Makeup, saying, "Mineral makeup has been gaining popularity among women since the past few years. Thus, dermatologists, and makeup artists around the world are giving a boost to the sales of mineral makeup by 60 %. Therefore, many people are keen to know the components of such a makeup and the reasons why it has gained incredible popularity."

Caterina Christakos presents Bra Fitting Guide posted at Stillagirl Beauty Advice.

Talk Prom Dresses presents How to Buy the Perfect Little Black Dress posted at Prom Dresses, saying, "Unlike other fashion trends that come and go, the little black dress has stood the test of time."

Pat Evans presents Help For Menopausal Mood Swings - How I Stopped Them posted at Lifes Instructions.

julie presents Sexy Celebrity Style Makeup Tips posted at Healthtrition Beauty and Health.

Vicky presents Save Money with a Las Vegas Wedding posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "A Vegas wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding."

Ashley Cook presents Choosing a Civil Wedding Officiant posted at Frugal Girl, saying, "Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone wants a large church wedding"

CBCreations presents The Art of Chivalry from a Woman's Point of View posted at Measure of All Things.

Marjorie Morgan presents A profile of Heather Swan, BASEjumper posted at GO! Girls Outdoors, saying, "This is a profile of Heather Swan, a world record holding BASEjumper and Wingsuit BASEjumper. I interviewed Heather for my website, GO! Girls Outdoors, and she had some interesting things to say about being a woman in an extremely male-dominated environment."

Aparna presents Bhramari Pranayam posted at Beauty & Personality Grooming, saying, "Besides having a profound effect on ears, nose, eyes and mouth, it enlivens your looks; improves the glamour of the face. Its benefits do not end here - it improves one’s concentration levels, relieves migraine pains, reduces stress and mental agitation, hypertension, and successfully combats and helps prevent many a disease. Practice of Bhramari is beneficial for pregnant women."

Elaine presents Is Your Betty Ready? posted at, saying, "Hilarious and smart! Lipstickdaily is BFFs Kate and Elaine's thoughts on parenting, career, family, sex, shopping and laughing while juggling their crazy and wonderful lives. A daily dose of: Funny Observations, Crazy Situations (asked to sit down at an Eagles Rock Concert???), Product Reviews and lots of honest discussion that you can only discuss with your closes friend. You'll be hooked........."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Does Your Guilt Spring Eternal? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Gina presents Stop Waiting - Prince Charming Does Not Exist! posted at Bajan Love Notes, saying, "Prince Charming does NOT exist! There is no such thing as the perfect man or the perfect ONE who fits into our lives perfectly. Men are just as flawed and dysfunctional as we are."

Victoria Jennings presents Truth About European Men posted at Time To Get Married, saying, "The pros and cons of marrying a European man."

Aetius Romulous presents It’s Spring, and ‘Luke’ is in the Air… posted at ScreamBucket.

Ash_the_Wondercat presents Spring Resolutions: Out with the Negative posted at Shiny Purple Cats, saying, "This spring, take time to purge negativity out of your life so you can step out and shine during the budding season."

Suzanne presents Get your sexy back posted at Without Dash.

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