Friday, July 31, 2009

Advice for Women from Women - July 2009

Welcome to the July 31, 2009 edition of advice for women from women.


Alvina Lopez presents 100 Places to Sell and Share Your Knowledge on the Side posted at Best Colleges Online.

Shawn M. Driscoll presents Real Growth in Unreal Times posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Kathryn presents Each Business is Part of a Bigger Picture posted at Maverick Hammers, saying, "Women understand better than men that each relationships within a business matters to the success of that business."

Patricia Turner presents 100 Things You Can Learn or Do in 30 Days or Less posted at Pharmacy Technician Certification.

Kate Hopkins presents 100 Awesome Firefox Add-Ons for Back to School posted at Online College

Emma Taylor presents Top 10 Celebrity Professors posted at MasterDegreeOnline.

Shamelle presents Do You Belong? posted at Enhance Life.


Patricia Turner presents 100 Charitable Activities You Can Do With Your Family posted at Becoming A Radiologist.

Cindi presents My Top 5 All-In-One Cloth Diapers (2009) posted at All About Cloth Diapers, saying, "See why cloth diapers just aren't what they used to be!"

Vicky presents Fun Wedding Ideas posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "Some clever, unique, and fun ideas for your wedding."

Lucy presents Wedding Symbolism posted at Wedding Tips, saying, "What the wedding ring, kiss at the altar, and bride's veil symbolize."

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Inspirational Blog Posts for Personal Change posted at Online Bible College Degrees - Online Bible Colleges.

Julie presents Parenting Teens with ADHD posted at More4kids.

Lin Burress presents How to Be a Good Daughter-In-Law: Building a Great Daughter-In-Law Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law posted at Telling It Like It Is.

Ella Moss presents ANNOUNCEMENTS, CALENDAR, Astrology at work « Zodiac Times posted at Zodiac Times, saying, "relationship advice by an astrologer"

Courtney presents Wedding Theme Ideas: Unique and Creative Wedding Themes-Western Wedding Theme posted at Wedding Themes, saying, "A Western wedding theme can be a lot of fun and is definitely not used very often."

Ashley Cook presents Inexpensive Snacks posted at Saving Money Today, saying, "Trying to save money does not mean you can't have an occasional tasty treat this summer."


Talk Prom Dresses presents Show Those Shoulders posted at Prom Dresses, saying, "Displaying shoulders seems to have been a hit in this past year's prom dress season."

Athena Goodlight presents Tips on Finding a Good Hairdresser posted at BeyondJane, saying, "Good communication between stylist and client is the single most important factor in getting a good haircut. But first, you need to find the right hairdresser."


Susan Johnston/Julie Salickram/Allan-Michael Brown/Megan Johnson/Chris Gesualdi presents Sweet Deals posted at The Blog @ Directory of Boston, saying, "Buying in bulk is certainly not a new trend. Stores like BJ’s Wholesale Club and Costco are built on the mentality that if you store up your goods like a practical little squirrel, you will get a discount over buying one at a time"

Fit 4 Ever Young presents Hybrid Workout for Bodybuilding posted at Fit 4 Ever Young.

Deborah Dunham presents Adventure Swim Getaway posted at Cool Adventure Girls!.


Barbara Williams presents 50 Happy Nursing Blogs posted at Nursing

Heartstrong presents Less Than 25% of Heart Problems Diagnosed Before Symptoms Appear posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong.

Brooklyn White presents 50+ Ways to Germ-Proof Your Home, Office, and Life posted at Radiography Schools.

Athena Goodlight presents Maintain Good Posture: Minimize Back Pain | HealthMad posted at HealthMad, saying, "Good posture means maintaining the three gentle curves in your spine. Not everyone has the luxury of ergonomically designed work centers with adjustable desks and footstools, gas-powered office chairs with lumbar supports and apparatus provided to position reading material and computer screens
at eye level. However, you can adapt the principles of good sitting posture to almost any situation."

Jessica Nagel presents Living Sustainably Can Reduce Obesity and Anxiety posted at Sustainable Halo.

Christina Crowe presents Secrets of Breast Cancer Revealed posted at Salad Sticks, saying, "Most women fear having breast cancer. It's easy to understand why. Breast cancer is a horrible infliction among women, especially since the specific causes of breast cancer are unknown. There are risk factors that are believed to increase the likelihood to get the disease, though most people with breast cancer don’t show any clear signs of risk factors to begin with. Nevertheless, it’s always good to know what might influence breast cancer to make its appearance and how to avoid them."

SmallTownSim presents Facing your demons posted at Joy's Journey To Wellness.

Caterina Christakos presents MAGIC FACE CREAM! » Stillagirl Beauty Advice — Stillagirl Beauty Advice posted at Stillagirl Beauty Advice.

Katy presents For Your Sanity: Don’t Feed Your Obsessions | Katy Meets World posted at Katy Meets World, saying, "Obsessive thoughts can overtake you and make your life a nightmare."

Brooklyn White presents 100 Ways to Make Your Brain Better, Faster, and Stronger posted at MRI Technician Schools.

Irina Garrett presents Natural, SLS free hair products. posted at, saying, "Learn what harmful ingredients to avoid in your hair products"

My Cool Mommy presents Baking Zucchini Apple Pie & Sweet Pillsbury & Nestle Coupons! posted at MyCoolMommy.

Money & Finances

Renee V. Rouse presents Frugal Business posted at Frugal-Living-Skills Blog, saying, "First, we don’t know how to do math today… People will often spend money to save money (which is a paradox) or spend money to make money. We seem to forget that every penny spent has to be earned back."

Billeater presents Ten Ways to Save Money During Pregnancy posted at Billeater.

Kathryn presents Beware! 15 Common Scams That Can Steal Your Money posted at SpendOnLife, saying, "Guide to the most common scams so that you don't become a victim of them."

Mrs Bankrupt presents Real Life:Real Income posted at Mrs. Bankrupt.

Miss Bankrupt presents Personal Budget Cuts and My Options posted at Miss Bankrupt.

Jenny presents Strict Spending posted at Stop Spending Money, saying, "It is not too difficult to learn how to budget and still be happy."


Anne Simone presents 100 Powerful Blogs for Your Self-Improvement posted at Online

maggie madison presents your nontoxic life: 6 steps to a happier bedtime posted at your nontoxic life.

cmc1217 presents I'm pregnant posted at My Baby Sweetness: Pregnancy, Parenting and Life.


Katy Allgeyer presents ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: The Secret Power of the Thank You Note « Feng Shui By Fishgirl posted at Feng Shui By Fishgirl, saying, "Practicing gratitude is a powerful feng shui tool to success."


Liezl presents DRAWING TO GOD - FRESHLY BAKED HEART posted at BLOG, saying, "single? read this"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Kindle Swindle? posted at Mad Kane's Political Madness.

Nui Loa presents 69 Amazing Resources to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding posted at Love Hacks.

Aparna presents Home remedies for painful menstruation posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "Some pain and discomfort during menstruation is quite common and natural. But excessive bleeding, unbearable painful cramps, intense pain in the abdomen, backaches, extreme mood swings etc. – all these don’t seem so normal. In medical parlance, this is called as dysmenorrhea."

Estelle Tan presents Nice Girls Don't Get Rich - I am TOO Nice - Vox posted at EstelleT., saying, "We Rule!"

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