Friday, May 29, 2009

Advice for Women from Women - May 2009

Welcome to the May 31, 2009 edition of advice for women from women.


Bobbie Whitehead presents Plant A Row For Hungry posted at Bobbie Whitehead.

Shawn M. Driscoll presents Stop! Don't Throw in the Towel Just Yet! posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Margaret Garcia presents Strengths and Weaknesses of Open Access Journals posted at Online Nurse Practitioner Schools.


Scholars & Rogues presents First day, how many more? posted at Military Mama.

Suzanne presents Change annoying behavior of your partner posted at Without Dash.

Jessica Nagel presents Love's Baby Soft and Coca Cola posted at Sustainable Halo, saying, "Jessica reflects upon her efforts to improve her family's green initiative."

Organic Baby Wearhouse presents Baby Clothes - Why Organic Is Better For Your Baby posted at Organic Baby Wearhouse, saying, "Many of us know of the ecological impact of producing non organic cotton baby clothes (where cotton crops account for 25% of the worlds pesticides and 10% of the worlds insecticides each year). The question we hear often is are there really any actual health benefits for buying organic baby clothes. And the answer is Yes, organic baby clothes are better for your baby!"


Victoria presents Accessorizing for the Office posted at Stiletto Beauty, saying, "With a slight modification, this spring’s must have statement jewellery is perfect for wearing from nine-to-five, no matter how professional your working environment is."

EE presents How to Recycle Shoes posted at Eco Friendly Fashion by Eco Empress, saying, "Start being green and recycling your shoes with some of the many schemes available!"


Patricia Turner presents Sweet News for the Sweet Tooth – Chocolate is Good for Teeth posted at Medical Lab Technician Schools.

Pregnancy Hut presents Preparing for Your Baby ?Recipes that Freeze Well posted at Pregnancy Calendar, saying, "Preparing meals and freezing them is good planning when having a baby."

Ajay presents Brazilian Wax-ed! An hair-y, ouchy kind of funny story posted at Ajay's Writings on the Wall....

Carole Gold presents Miracle Healing posted at Carole Gold, saying, "How miracles happen and what people do about them."

Extreme Body presents Healthy Diet: Only Part of the Equation posted at healthy diet, saying, "A healthy diet is crucial for a healthy body; there is no doubt about that. You have to give your body the right fuel in the right amounts to keeping it running optimally and looking right as well. However, a healthy diet is only one-half of a healthy lifestyle."

EE presents What Is Eyelash Pulling? posted at Trichotillomania Blog, saying, "A little known condition that many women struggle with."

Heartstrong presents A Fresh Look at Organic Produce posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong.

Verna Morris presents 25 Bookmark-worthy Cheat Sheets for Healthy Living posted at Nursing Assistant Guides.

Money & Finances

DM Smith presents Birthday Parties on the Cheapskate Side posted at Dmsmithblogger's Blog, saying, "Ideas for children's birthday parties."

Heather Levin presents Frugal Tips From the Tightwad Gazette posted at The Greenest Dollar, saying, "Want to learn some frugal tips you haven't heard before? Yep, these are some unique money saving hacks from the Queen of Frugal, author of the Tightwad Gazette series."

NtJS presents Guest Post: Saving Your Marriage One Date at a Time posted at Not the Jet Set Guest Post on Moneywise Moms, saying, "Sometimes your marriage can feel strained, and spending so much time with the kids starts to make you feel a little crazy. But if you don't have the money for a date, what do you do?"

Silicon Valley Blogger presents TradeKing Review: How Does TradeKing Measure Up? posted at The Digerati Life.

The Smarter Wallet presents S & P Index and Crude Oil Market Trends: Next Steps? posted at The Smarter Wallet.


Jen presents Eliminating Artificial Food Coloring From Kids Diets - Why Do It and Is It Worth It? posted at Cage Free Monkeys.

Julie presents Ideas to Help Get Your Teen Talking to You posted at More4kids.

Becca Glouzstein presents On Making your Child Feel Loved posted at Inspiration for Mothers . Com.

Emma presents Choosing the right child care (if there is such a thing!), part 2 posted at Baby-Log.

Jacquelyn presents How to Build My Child’s Character? posted at - Wise Parenting Guide, saying, "Nurturing a child to have a good character can be a difficult task. Learn useful tips to help you in your journey."


Tracy Dear presents Not For This World posted at New Mercy, saying, "I try to give glory to God during my difficult marriage on this blog. I also comment on the great books I'm reading."

Yolanda Lehman presents GOD HAS SMILED ON ME! posted at Ain'ta That Good News?!, saying, "Yolanda Lehman reminds women that although we face many trials and tribulations, it is our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, that gives us the courage to face challenges with joy and with grace! Truly, God has smiled on each of us!"

Rani presents Prayer of the Week for Children- Allowance posted at Christ's Bridge, saying, "I was not sure of the category. There are several that it can be in. Thanks."


VJ presents Things to Consider When Renting an Apartment posted at Apartments HubPages, saying, "Looking for an apartment to rent can be an overwhelming and tiring process. After looking at many different options, it's easy to be wowed by a place that shows well compared to the others. Just because a place looks good, doesn't always mean it's the right choice. Before you sign your name on the dotted line and commit to an apartment, there are a number of things you should consider."

Dianne M. Buxton presents Maintaining Positive Emotions posted at manifestingsuccess, saying, "A cheer-you-on article about maintaining positive emotions."

Kate presents My Love Affair With A Pilot posted at, saying, "A sad little story about a flight attendant and a pilot"

Busy Bee Kim presents Welcome to Busy Bee Lifestyle posted at Busy Bee Lifestyle.

Deborah presents Sometimes you've gotta say "Who Cares??" posted at Manic Meltdown, saying, "Thanks for considering my post!"

Aparna presents Talcum powder dangerous for women? posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming.

lena presents Life after death: being happy after a break-up posted at The Colors Magazine.

Elaine at Lipstickdaily presents Is Your Betty Ready? posted at

Myscha Theriault presents Wise Wedding Showers posted at Wise Bread, saying, "Since wedding season is fast approaching, folks should find these alternative shower ideas helpful. Looking forward to reading the other great material featured in this carnival. Thanks in advance for your consideration."

Y Niz presents Choosing Wedding Planner (Wedding Readings Website) posted at Wedding Readings Website, saying, "How to Choose for the Right Wedding Planner?Most couples will find themselves clueless as they venture on planning their wedding. This is not surprising, since a wedding is not something that people do on the ordinary basis.It is indeed important to take the following considerations in choosing your ideal wedding planner."

Surbhi presents Women Empowerment: A Distant Dream? posted at The Viewspaper.

Courtney presents Wedding Theme Ideas - Unique Wedding Theme Ideas And Creative Wedding Ideas-Las Vegas Wedding Theme posted at Wedding Themes, saying, "You can have a wedding in Vegas or just a Vegas wedding theme!"

Aetius Romulous presents It Happened When I Was Eight posted at ScreamBucket.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Advice for Women from Women - Mid May 2009

Welcome to the May 15, 2009 edition of advice for women from women. Yesterday was a horrible day, so I happily spent the afternoon reading through the submissions for this edition of the blog carnival. I hope everyone enjoys this latest edition. See you in a couple of weeks.


Erika presents Ecotourism in the Amazon Rain Forest posted at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries, saying, "If you are looking for a different kind of vacation for you and your family to take, you should definitely look into ecotourism."

America001 presents Visiting Wine Country in Beautiful Traverse City, MI posted at Traveling In America, saying, "If you happen to be in the Midwest, a nice trip to take is to the wine country in Traverse City, Michigan."

Fiona Slattery Lohrenz presents Begin Organic Gardening With Me! From Scratch! posted at DIY Organic Garden.

Kim Olovsson presents Bright Idea for Spousal Rifts posted at

Raising Whiskers presents Exercises For Cats - Cat Health Problems - Cat Health Issues - Cat Health Questions posted at Cat Care Tips, saying, "Yes, there are ways to exercise your cat."

Kitty presents Taking Care of an Abandoned Kitten posted at Learn About Cats, saying, "How to take care of an abandoned kitten."

Wedding Junction presents Make Your Wedding Look Splendid With White Wedding Flowers posted at How To Stay Married Happily Ever After, saying, "White flowers for a wedding are often a great choice."

Jessica presents What to See and Do at Disney World posted at Jessica's Travel Tips: Travel For Cheap, saying, "The enormity of Disney World will make you question if you can see all the park's main sites in time."

Fiona Lohrenz presents Preparing For Day Care Toileting Accidents posted at Child Care Only.

Momma presents Make The Most Out Of Any Vacation posted at The Happy Mother, saying, "In our current high stressed world, it is more important than ever to have a nice, relaxing vacation."

Renee V. Rouse presents Family Meals for Under $5 May 1st posted at Frugal-Living-Skills Blog, saying, "...Weekly grocery circulars often read “feed a family of 4 for under $10!”. I’m sure most of you have laughed at this as I did. As a result, I began to wonder what does dinner really cost for my family of 8? I figured if I kept it under $5, I was doing good..."

Sunny Tan presents Statistics On Men Cheating - Infidelity Statistics - Statistics On Marital Infidelity posted at Cheating Men, saying, "Stats on cheating men."

Vicky presents Wedding Planning On A Budget posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, "Basic wedding planning help."

Dorrie presents Basic Camping First Aid posted at Camping Earth, saying, "It is important to be prepared for minor emergencies when camping."


Courtney presents Easy Pilates Exercises You Can Do at Home posted at Female and Proud, saying, "Pilates exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home."

Anastasiya presents Pilates Benefits: 25 Reasons to Give Pilates a Try posted at Balance In Me.

Jessica Nagel presents Work Out! posted at Sustainable Halo, saying, "Jessica writes about her love of working out and how she fits it into her daily routine while taking care of her two little boys."

Marjorie Morgan presents Wild Women on Top - Di Westaway posted at GO! Girls Outdoors, saying, "An interesting way to get fit and achieve something amazing along the way!"


Nancy Miller presents 100 Best Blogs for Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals posted at Pharmacy Technician Certification.

Cory presents Overview Of Yoga. posted at Eating Healthy, saying, "The basics of yoga."

Christine presents Strawberries for Lunch posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Farid presents Dry Skin Care Solutions posted at Gold Investing, saying, "Dry skin is problematic, physically and socially. Physically - dry skin can be irritable,uncomfortable and have long-term detrimental effects on the condition and appearance of your face. Socially - dry and flaking skin can lead to a lack of confidence in social situations. Dry skin can manifest in many different forms and conditions. Everybody may experience slight dry skin within their lives, when skin burns and flakes, for example. However, if facial skin is insignificantly hydrated for extended periods of time, skin may become unbalanced."

Pregnancy Period presents Understanding the Treatment Options for Infertility posted at Pregnancy.

Farid presents Effect of Sun on Your Skin posted at Acne treatment, saying, "It is important to never underestimate the effect of sun on your skin. It is an unfortunate reality of today that many of our beauty trends and our preconceptions of how people should look have lead to unhealthy skin practices on a wide variety of levels. The effect of sun on your skin is the single most damaging factor in the life of most people's skin, and yet thousands of people take no care whatsoever to reduce this impact. This is why it is becoming more and more important that people do become aware of the effect of sun on your skin, in the hope that the knowledge of how dangerous the sun really is will allow us to protect ourselves better and to stay looking young much longer."

Heartstrong presents Can Vegetable Juice Promote Weight Loss? posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong.

Patricia Turner presents 25 Simple Habits That Make a Surprisingly Big Difference in Your Health posted at EKG Classes.

Ali from Whole Life Nutrition presents Packing a Healthy School Lunch posted at Whole Life Nutrition.

SJ presents Birthing Position That Makes Your Delivery Easy posted at Pregnancy Info, saying, "Certain birthing positions are more comfortable than others."

Victoria Jennings presents Thoughts On Vaccines posted at My Path, saying, "With the swine flu in the media, let us talk about vaccines some."

Patricia Turner presents 100 Free Online Tracking Tools For Your Diet And Fitness Goalsols For Your Diet And Fitness Goals posted at Radiography Schools.

C. Anderson presents Should You Try Jenny Craig? posted at Simplicity for Weight Loss Success, saying, "Jenny Craig is a popular weight loss program. Is it for you?"

Caterina Christakos presents Skin Care Advice : What Is the Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream? posted at Stillagirl Beauty Advice.

FizzSoda presents How does Smart Lipo Affect the Skin posted at Smart Liposuction.

Money & Finances

Silicon Valley Blogger presents ETrade Online Brokerage Account: Top Broker Review posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Looking for a reliable stock brokerage for your long term investments? Here's a review of one of the top online brokers around!"

The Smarter Wallet presents Trading The Market: What Market Trends Are Stock Traders Riding On Recently? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "This is for women stock traders!"


bluerose17 presents Mucus Plug posted at Information For Moms From Moms.

Marsha Hudnall presents Raising Healthy Eaters: A Mother's Day Tale of Sugar &, Finally, Spice posted at A Weight Lifted.

Jacquelyn presents How to Teach My Child About Sex? posted at - Wise Parenting Guide, saying, "Teaching your child about sex is not an easy task for most parents. Read some of the ideas that your child needs to learn."

Catherine VanWetter presents To the Heart of the Matter - "Understanding the Teenager in Your Life: From "Disconnect to Reconnect" posted at To The Heart of the Matter, saying, "The challenges that we face as parents of teenagers, can be extreme, and our teens, whether they know it or not, need us even more. As we step from one era into the next, the challenges that we face as parents can bring us to our knees or, at the least, to the verge of tears."


Kathleen Gaga presents What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true posted at Daily Awareness, saying, "As I look at the journey of the last 30 plus years and where my journey has taken me and will take me, I know the key to true happiness, abundance and joy is gratitude. It’s as simple as that."

Rani presents Prayer of the Week- Father, We Thank Thee by Ralph Waldo Emerson posted at Christ's Bridge.


Victoria presents Herb Container Garden posted at Garden Design.

Aprille Janes presents In Praise of Bolder Women: Women of Influence posted at In Praise of Bolder Women, saying, "What we as women do, how we feel, what we talk about and give our attention to permeates and shifts the energy around us. I believe that, if enough women take action on what's important to them on a deeply personal level, we can create our own version of Global Warming - in the very best sense."

Woman Tribune presents Book Review: No Matter What! by Lisa Nichols posted at Woman Tribune.

crankprof presents About Dating and Getting Married posted at The Cranky Professor.

Nyasha Smith presents Treasure time posted at MamaLaw: Evidence for Our Insanity Plea.

KateAddict presents Sly Paradox » Humor and Opinion news » Octo-Mom makes mothers like ME look bad. posted at Sly Foodie.

Tisha Tolar presents Set Goals and then Set Them Higher posted at Empowering Mom.

Asheesh presents Taurus Love Compatibility With Taurus - Taurus And Taurus - Love Relationship And Marriage posted at My Free Horoscopes, saying, "The love compatibility of a Taurus with another Taurus."

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